Well hello there, thanks for visiting Faith Café!
We are in the Rosslyn area, ON, near Thunder Bay (that’s in Canada, for you visiting non-Canucks). We are a mixed bunch of folks who are looking to experience the Holy – but not so much the “churchy”.  We’re not very hung up on what to believe, or guilt, or sin. We don’t have a “statement of faith”, we don’t even have a building .

Know the expression “Friends are the family we find”? That’s kinda what we hope to be.
We’re mostly young families (and we interpret “family” very broadly), so there’s lots of kids and giggles. There’s also folks who may be older in years but are still very much young at heart. And there’s folks who don’t have a family and are looking for one. Because we all need family in some way.

Founding Pastor is Hubert Den Draak, a Minister in the United Church of Canada (but he’s okay, really). Hubert managed to scrounge some money together to do something he believes the time is right for: start a community of faith for folks who feel they don’t fit into the traditional church.

Hubert believes that faith is not so much about churches and beliefs as it is about faith communities – stress community : a place where you’re accepted for who you are without any prejudices or second looks. Where you laugh, cry, share your stories and eat together – and rediscover the ancient stories of hope and justice we find in the Bible, once you cut away the baggage. That’s what we try to do here at Faith Café.


Faith Cafe is made possible by a grant from the New Ministries Fund of The United Church of Canada Foundation